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A Guide to Porthcawl’s Beaches

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Porthcawl is famous for its ‘7 Bays’, which together border ten miles of the gorgeous Wales Coastal Path, from Ogmore in the east to Sker Beach in the west. Whether you are simply taking a day trip from Cardiff or Swansea, or have come from further afield to enjoy the incredible views and activities the coastline of South Wales offers, Porthcawl has a beach to match.

Walking along Porthcawl's beaches

Rest Bay Beach

Surfing at Rest Bay Beach

Rest Bay is a popular Blue Flag beach with golden sands and great views. Surfers flock to the bay to catch passing south- and north-westerly swells. The beach is also a favourite among holidaymakers for its wide expanse of sand and the abundance of rock pools. It boasts a dedicated Watersports Centre, home to the Porthcawl Surf School, with a cosy cafe upstairs that is open to the public. There are changing facilities on site, a large car park, and surf equipment available to rent. Visitors should be aware, however, that the beach itself disappears at high tide.

Newton Beach

Newton Beach stretches from the charming town of Newton all the way to the mouth of the Ogmore river. It is the most easterly of the Porthcawl beaches and remains quite sheltered from the strong south-westerly winds that frequent this part of the coast. Newton has miles of sand (as well as the occasional rocky stretch) and is often quieter than other beaches in the area, making it the perfect place for long uninterrupted walks. Parking at the beach is somewhat limited, but it is only a short ten-minute walk from the town, where you can enjoy a hearty pub meal after strolling back from the seaside.

Porthcawl Town Beach

This stretch of seafront, overlooked by the Grand Pavilion Theatre and the esplanade, gives visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy the seaside from one of the many independent cafes that line it. The unique sand-coloured concrete steps at the top of the beach are part of a £3 million flood defense scheme to protect the town from storm surges. Swimming is not permitted here due to strong currents, but there are plenty of good places for rock pooling when the tide is out. There is also an accessible walk along the seafront which takes you to the RNLI lookout point. Porthcawl Marina is located at the eastern end of the beach, making it an ideal hangout spot for those visiting the town by boat.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay/Coney Beach

Also known as Coney Beach, this broad expanse of sand is by far the most popular beach in Porthcawl. It is situated directly in front of the Coney Beach Pleasure Park, between Porthcawl Marina and Trecco Bay. Families flock here on weekends to visit the amusement park and the beach, which is sheltered and has excellent parking and amenities. The bay is popular with swimmers, surfers and sunbathers alike. Towards its eastern end is a small rocky headland, perfect for rock pooling enthusiasts. One of the main draws of the bay is its proximity to the restaurants along the neighbouring Esplanade.

Trecco Bay

As of last year, Trecco Bay is one of three Blue Flag awarded beaches along the Porthcawl coast (the others being Rest Bay and Porthcawl Marina). This award recognises coastal spots with excellent standards of cleanliness and water quality, meaning Trecco Bay is a lovely place to paddle out for a swim. While there are no public facilities on the beach itself, Trecco Beach Holiday Park offers a wide array of amenities, including refreshments and amusement arcades.

Sker Beach

Kenfig Nature Reserve

Sker Beach is an unspoilt, tranquil gem on the western end of the Porthcawl coast. It can only be accessed on foot, either from Rest Bay, which is a 15-minute walk away, or through the Kenfig National Nature Reserve, which takes 25 minutes. The beach is flat and sandy, perfect for soaking in the sun on a hot day. It is also popular with surfers, but due to its isolated location the beach itself is rarely crowded. Unlike many beaches in South Wales, dogs are welcome at Sker all year round.

Pink Bay

Pink Bay Beach with Wales Coast Path Board Walk and The Royal Porthcawl Golf Course

Pink Bay is another hidden gem, frequented by local birdwatchers, ramblers and surfers. Its name comes from the rocks at the top of the beach, which take on a pretty pink marbled effect in certain lighting conditions. The pebble beach gives way to firm sand closer to the sea. The beach can be reached on foot from Rest Bay; a 15 minute walk along a boardwalk that passes The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club. Like Sker Beach, this spot is classified as a rural beach so there are no visitor facilities available, but dogs are allowed all year round.


So there you have it, a guide to the beaches in the beautiful town of Porthcawl. Now, all that's left to do is book your trip! We hope this blog has inspired you to visit Porthcawl with the whole family and explore all of our lovely beaches!

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